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Helping Companies By Helping People With Disabilities

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People with disabilities face difficulties each day...
Illustration of stairs representing the difficulties faced by people with disabilities
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... In accessing buildings, communicating their needs and performing tasks

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There is no simple way for the people with disabilities to ask Employees for help

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Companies want to help, but simply aren’t informed well enough on how to do so

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Inclusio is a system that helps people with disabilities in accessing public locations such as banks, post offices, stores, etc. It notifies employees at these locations of the person’s arrival as well as providing info on the nature of their problem and what type of assistance would be required.

The goal is to help every customer have a smooth experience, help companies and their employees provide the best possible service to their clients, as well as raise awareness for the needs of people with disabilities.

Illustration of a hand holding a phone showing multiple public locations on a map, such as banks, post offices, stores, etc
Our system consists of two apps. One for the Person with a Disability, and one for the Company Employees:
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User App
for People with Disabilities
  • Users select their disability (or disabilities) and define their needs.
  • Once they call for help upon arrival at a given location, the employees there are notified and one of them comes out to assist the person with disabilities.
  • Users may also rate the experience, so that your service to the community won’t go unnoticed.
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Partners App
for the Company Employees
  • Employees have a list of all customers with disabilities that will be arriving as well as descriptions of their needs.
  • The app notifies the employees when the person with disabilities is waiting outside the building.
  • The app holds instructions on how to handle persons with each disability so that everyone gets treated optimally.

Download the Inclusio User App

Do you have a disabillity or know someone who does? With Inclusio you can get the assistance you need when visiting public spaces.
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